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State Competition Details and Day Schedule: January 21, 2006

See schedule below the event details.

Event Details

Event Date/Time: January 21, 2005, 9 am to 6 pm This is the scheduled event time for the public. Specific times to attend are listed below.
Location:  UMBC Catonsville Directions:
Specific buildings to be announced. I will forward this in a follow-up email.
Parking Parking at UMBC should not be a problem. All meters and student parking lots will be open without payment. In effect, you can park in any space at UMBC unless it is marked handicapped or for employee parking.
Team Times Arrive 7:45 ish

Click here for the campus map.

  • Information Technology and Engineering (ITE) Building
    [Building 20]
    Initial three competition rounds will be held in this building.
  • University Center
    [Building 41]
    The pit area and final 16 rounds to the end will be held in the Ballroom (third floor) in this building.
  • Engineering Building
    [Building 13]
  • Academic IV
    [Building 1]


Teams will arrive at the grounds no later than 7:45 to setup.

Teams should report to University Center to check in on Saturday morning and get your pit assignment. The registration table will be on the 3rd floor right outside of the Ballroom.

We will be using University Center, the ITE building, the Engineering building, and Academic IV for the competition. A campus map can be found here:

Click here for the campus map.

Audience Times Throughout the morning there are various public events.  That is, if you just want to see how the competition looks you can watch the practice rounds that will go on all morning. The actual competition begins after lunch. Each team will have three opportunities to get the highest score they can.
Please make sure all team members, advisors, coaches, and spectators who come to the event understand that there is no flash photography or auto-focus for still or video cameras allowed at the event. Flash photography can affect robots using light sensors and auto-focus uses infra-red detection which can trash the program on an RCX. Please let everyone associated with your team know of this restriction ahead of time. Flash photography will be allowed at the closing ceremony only. It is not to be used at any other time during the day.
GRACE REQUIRED Many, many people have contributed to the Maryland FLL program this year. All of the volunteers you will see on the 21st, all of the companies who have provided the money, the folks at UMBC, and any number of other people have made this program possible. 99% of them have done it for a t-shirt and a hand-shake. Please keep this in mind when things go wrong (and when they go right) on tournament day. A thank you from one of your kids or yourself to a sponsor or volunteer would be greatly appreciated, and will go a long way in securing the future of this program in our state.


All campus food services will be open. The dining hall at UMBC will be opened on tournament day. They are preparing a selection of breakfast and lunch items that will be on sale the day of the event.

The teams will be bringing their lunches. If you are planning to come to watch for the day you will want to bring food or buy meals.. The parking will be very tight so you will not want to leave and return.

TechBrick Stuff We will have about 30 TechBrick round pins for you to wear. We also have a large banner you can put up in the stands.

Specific Times for Our Teams (Tentative)

Events followed by a  [P] can be viewed by the public.
* The location abbreviations will correspond to specific rooms and tables.
* All time are tentative pending final number of participating teams. The general segments of the day will not change.

Time Location TechBrick 1 (277) Tech Brick 2 (279)
9:00-9:15 Res4 Research Presentation  
9:15-9:30 Gm7   Practice Round [P]
9:30-9:35 Gm4 Practice Round [P]  
9:40-9:55 Tech4 Technical Evaluation  
9:40-9:55 Tmwk6   Teamwork Interview
10:00-10:35 Main Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
10:40-10:55 Gm5   Practice Round [P]
10:50-10:55 Gm2 Practice Round [P]  
11:00-11:15 Res6   Research Presentation
11:20-11:35 Tmwk4 Teamwork Interview  
11:40-11:55 Tech6   Technical Evaluation
12:00-12:30 Main Lunch Lunch
Information Technology and Engineering (ITE) Building [Building 20]
Click here for the campus map.
1:15:1:20 Gm8   Competition Round 1 [P]
1:30-1:35 Gm4 Competition Round 1 [P]  
1:45-1:50 Gm1 Competition Round 2 [P]  
2:20-2:25 Gm7   Competition Round 2 [P]
3:10-3:15 Gm8   Competition Round 3 [P]
3:45-3:50 Gm2 Competition Round 3 [P]  
University Center  [Building 41]
Click here for the campus map.
4:10-4:25 Main Top 16 Elimination [P]  
4:25-4:45 Main Top 8 Elimination [P]  
4:50-5:55 Main Final 4 Elimination [P]  
5:00-5:10 Main Final 2 Teams  [P]  
5:10-5:30 Main Closing Ceremony [P]  
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