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Written by TechBrick's founder after shooting more than 100 JrFLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC events!

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We've helped thousands of teams for 8+ years. We now request your help back...

There have been more than a quarter of million visitors over the past few years who have downloaded and accessed tens of thousands of documents. 

Will you consider a micro donation to help us get to worlds? CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

2011-12 Awards

FRC Woodie Flowers Finalist Award

FRC 3941

Rookie All-Star Award
Invitation to Worlds

Winning Alliance (2x)
Think Award
Inspire Award
Innovate Award
World Championship Invitation

FTC 4234
Judges Award

FLL 2207 RockinRollbots
1st Place Technical Design
3rd Place Champions Award

FLL 5622 Thunderbricks
3rd place in Robot Design

FLL 4985 Chicken Investigators
State Champion’s Award
2nd place Innovative Solution Award

JrFLL Hutchins Snackers
Invitation to Worlds

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Finals This Year: We Won and Won and Won and Ended up With Three Teams Headed to Worlds....

We are having a great year. Every one of our 7 teams won awards for design and performance with three teams qualifying for the World Championship in St. Louis in April.

  • Our JrFLL team was selected as one of the global teams to debut JrFLL at worlds.
  • Our FTC Team 7 won the championship in DE and qualified for worlds.
  • And now our FRC team was awarded the Rookie All Star Award which is given to about 60 teams nationally.

Why would you consider contributing to our efforts? First, the World Championship has more than 16,000 participants from 51+ countries and thousands of guests. Your company logo will be seen many times. Secondly, we will have a supporter board with literature from each sponsoring company. And third, you are investing in our technology future. Each team that has attended Worlds over the years has returned with new focus and direction. It is an amazing event.

The challenge is how to fundraise for this trip. It is not a paid vacation. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to invest in these young engineers who will work hard for more than 50 hours over 4 days to field and maintain their robot and compete in up to 20 rounds against more than 100 teams from all over the world. These are some of the best and brightest young engineers from around the world and they come together through US FIRST to fight for the World Championship title. Yet they do it with 'gracious professionalism' which is a hallmark of US FIRST.

The link below is to our overview video which has not yet been made public. This alone is a a great example of the level of excellence we pushed the students to achieve. This video was 97% student produced:

Here are the FRC team's website, TechBrick’s main website, and the coverage of the tournament.

Even with substantial student participation we will need to raise nearly $26,000 to make this trip happen. We have already found ways to trim off thousands of dollars. But taking a team 1/3 of the way across the country for 5 days is, well, an expensive endeavor.

However, the results are extraordinary. Almost all of our HS juniors and seniors are headed to technology careers with many more behind them.

While they may not work for your company (though you are free to begin recruiting them now!), they are the future of our engineering base and they need our support.

The challenge is we need commitments and cash in hand by April 15 to make this happen.

We've helped thousands of teams for 8+ years. We now request your help back... There have been more than a quarter of million visitors over the past few years who have downloaded and accessed tens of thousands of documents. 

Will you consider a micro donation to help us get to worlds? CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

We are looking for support from regional & national companies for our robotics and STEM organization. TechBrick is a robotics club formed for home school students in Harford and Baltimore County. Since 2003 we have had more than 200 young engineers participate in our program.  In addition this year we will have seven competition teams that meet weekly with more than 50 students, 14 adult mentors, and student mentors. We have numerous participants in math, science, and engineering tracks while in high school or early college attendance.

Why this program is critical to your company’s future.
The club runs under a program called FIRST, founded 20 years ago by Dean Kamen (of Segway Scooter fame). His goal was to create a program in which young students with a strong interest in technology and engineering could get the same type of encouragement that students get in organized sports.

The Program Has National Support and Value
Dean Kamen has achieved his goal. FIRST now has more than 200,000 global participants with programs serving children ages 7-18. More than one hundred colleges offer scholarships to students who have participated in a FIRST program. Many of the participants who started at the beginning are now employed by these corporations.  (See our document, “FIRST is…”)

The FIRST program and competitions provide one of the best platforms for young people to get excited about the challenges and rewards of engineering. They are pushed to the limit on every level: project management, design, research, testing, strategic planning, and more. I expect to look back four or five years from now and see many of our early participants in the workplace providing the innovative solutions we need to maintain our competitive edge.

Over the past years we’ve enjoyed support from local companies. Our program has grown and so have our needs. Both our elementary-school and high-school teams have made it to the Worlds in St. Louis. With more tournaments, more travel, and more equipment, we need the financial assistance of local companies.

Browse around our and You’ll catch a glimpse of the excitement that is FIRST and TechBrick Robotics.

What does sponsorship mean? As a sponsor you will be listed on our website seen globally by more than 1000 visitors per day, included in all literature and marketing materials handed out to each team at our events, acknowledged in email newsletters, displayed, when possible, on our robots, and you’ll have the long-term satisfaction of helping build the next generation of engineers and technical leaders.


All programs are initially funded by dues paid by families. Additional parts, research, and advanced resources must come from contributors.


* Funding for the world championship in March ($26,000)
* Facility space beyond May (1200+ sq feet)
* Seek 501(c)(3) Status ($2400)
* Committed funding for FTC/FRC 2012-13 ($25,000 +)
* Guest mentors and lecturers
* Development funds for new teams

Please call Marco Ciavolino or Chris Hoppel with any questions.

// Marco Ciavolino / 410.838.8264 / [email protected]
// Chris Hoppel / 410.939.5214 / [email protected]

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