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TechBrick Events and Happenings for 2013-14

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Maryland FLL Qualifier, Dec 7, 2013, at SURVICE Engineering

11 amazing FLL teams and one JrFLL Team, 30+ mentors,  48+ volunteers and 100's of spectators all joined to produce a flawless qualifier with lots of action. We suggest you read the summaries below and then take some time to view the 9 pages of amazing pics.

Special thanks to our two primary sponsors, SURVICE Engineering and TiePoint Engineering.

And our local vendors who assisted with discounts and gifts:  Riverside Pizzeria, Party Palace Rentals, Einstein's Bagels of Bel Air, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County.

Photos by Ashley and Marco

Getting Ready

A bunch of the volunteers worked on Friday from 3-9 to setup the facility and get everything ready. We had to rent a truck to haul all the stuff we collected from a number of locations. It served as a perfect billboard.

And we had a very clever first aid station sign.

In the PITS

All the teams spend about half their day in the pit area practicing, fixing, rehearsing, talking other teams, and doing judges interviews.

It's a great place to get a feel for the challenge and at qualifiers we invite parents and guest to visit the teams and ask them lots of questions.

Click here for all the pictures in the Pits

Practice Sessions

During the judging sessions in the morning the teams are given up to 20 minute on the actual competition tables.

This gives them a chance to try their 'bot on the real tables and it gives the refs, table reset crew, and timers and scorers a chance to practice.

Click here for all the pictures from the Practice Sessions


Throughout the morning teams will visit three judging rooms:

  • Core Values: The teams are given an exercise to see how well the work together to solve a challenge.
  • Robot Design: The teams take their robots and programs to key technical judges who ask them questions about their design and code.
  • Research Project:  The teams present their research on the annual topic.

These interviews form the ranking that makes up much of the final award decisions.

Click here for all the pictures from Judging

Opening Ceremony

During the opening ceremony we introduce all the teams to the audience with a rousing entry.

Then we introduced special guests and visitors. We were quite pleased to have Mr. Jyuji Hewitt, Deputy Director of the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command and his associate, Louie Lopez, who together oversee much of the STEM outreach at Aberdeen Proving Ground. In addition we heard from Jenny Beatty and Bill Duncan who handle almost all the coordination of US FIRST team in Maryland.

Then it's off to the robots...

Click here for all the pictures from the Opening Ceremony

Competition Rounds1 & Rounds 2

The first part of the afternoon are the competitive table rounds. Teams face-off against each other on two tables for the shortest 2.5 minutes of their life.

There are thrills, spills, tumbles, and huge successes. Cheering, leaping, screaming and high fives go on for almost two hours.

In the end just one team has the highest score and Robot Performance Award.

Click here for photos from Round 1
Click here for photos from Round 2

Team Shots

Formal team shots in front of the SURVICE banner.

Take a look at the creative shirts and logos.

Click here for all the Team Shots


Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony is short and to the point. Seven awards and two golden tickets to States.  We also had the winning project presentation team present their project to the entire audience. This is the second year we've done this and it was  big hit.

We also demonstrated our cool quadcopter hat (see below).  The QuadCopter we used (and gave away) is the Helix X4 Stunt Copter by AirHog. It is affordable, safe, and durable.

Click here for all the photos from the Closing Ceremony


And here are our six award winners and two golden tickets.

  • Project Presentation: Hyper Disasters FLL12680
  • Project Research: WIZBOTS FLL 8574
  • Robot Mechanical Design: HERO-BOTS FLL 12134
  • Robot Programming:  Harbor Wave Havoc FLL 15
  • Core Values Teamwork: Building Bluejays FLL 4156
  • Robot Performance: PandaMonium FLL 5706
  • First Golden Ticket to States:   Hyper Disasters FLL12680
  • Championís Award and Second Golden Ticket to States: Brainstorms FLL 10051

Click here for all the photos from the Awards

Navigation: Visit all 9 areas for the full story!

Main Page The Pits Practice Rounds Judging Opening Ceremony Competition Rounds 1 Competition rounds 2 Team Photos Closing Ceremony Award Winners

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