We are pleased to offer these helpful tools for the 10th year running. Enjoy!

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Great Books for Your Team

Looking for some great quick help resources for this year? Look no farther. Check out these two books. If you're just starting or need a review buy FIRST LEGO LEAGUE: The Unofficial Guide. Looking for great exercises to energize your team? THE LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT ZOO

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FIRST LEGO LEAGUE: The Unofficial Guide

OK. You're ready to start an JrFLL, FLL, or FTC team. What should you do next?

BUY THIS BOOK NOW! FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide

Why buy this book?

  • TechBrick has a story on page 116

But more importantly it covers all the issues related to starting and running a FIRST team.

  • Want to find out exactly where FLL fits in the overall program? See chapter 1
  • What exactly happens at an FLL Tournament? See chapter 2
  • How do I make sense of all the rules and guidelines? See chapter 3
  • How many mentors do we need, where do we meet, how do we fund our team? See chapter 4.
  • Who can be on our team? How do we recruit and grow our teams? See chapter 5
  • How do we manage our team? What roles do they play? See chapter 6
  • How does your team grow? What will their journey look like? See chapter 7
  • Yikes! How do I organize our team schedules and other tasks? See chapter 8
  • What's with all the software? What's the deal with RCX and NXT? See chapter 9
  • OK. So how do we build a successful robot? What are the limits of the system? See chapter 10
  • What happens at the robot table? How do we create a successful strategy? See chapter 11
  • Sensors are sensitive. How do we make them work on our bot? See chapter 12
  • Programming seemed easy but it's as hard as any programming we've ever done. Help! See chapters 13-14
  • What about the project? What is it? How do we prepare? See chapter 15
  • So we made it to the tournament. What happens on a tournament day? How do we prepare? See chapter 16

BOTTOM LINE: First year coach or 10 year coach you should read this book. It might as well be called the OFFICIAL guide.

Visit the author's blogsite:


This great book by Fay Rhodes contains very clever and complex animals that can be built with the NXT system.

We will be using this book for our pre-season team camp in May to train our new FLL team members in the basics of NTX building.

Click here to buy LEGO Mindstorms NXT ZOO!


Whether you're just beginning with your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set or are already an expert, you'll have hours of fun with these animal-like models that walk, crawl, hop, and roll!

The first part of the book introduces you to the NXT kit and reviews the parts you'll need in order to begin building. Next, you'll learn how to program with the NXT-G programming language, including how to make miniprograms called My Blocks that you can use to build larger programs. Finally, you'll learn how to build each robot and program it to act like its real animal cousins.

Learn to build and program the following robots:

  • Ribbit, a jumping frog
  • Bunny, a hopping rabbit
  • Sandy, a walking camel
  • Spiderbot, an eight-legged spider that avoids objects and walks forward and backward
  • Snout, a walking alligator that opens and closes its jaws
  • LEGOsaurus, a four-legged, plodding dinosaur
  • Pygmy, a walking elephant that raises and lowers its head
  • Polecat, a skunk on wheels that lifts its tail and shoots "darts"
  • Strutter, a peacock on wheels that turns and flutters its tail feathers

Troubleshooting tips help you avoid problems like misarranged gears and incorrect programming, while a list of Internet resources is included to help guide you in further exploration with the NXT. Teachers and home educators will appreciate an appendix with helpful suggestions for using the models in the classroom.

The models in this book have been tested repeatedly -- and built successfully -- by novice builders, so all you have to do is follow the directions and watch them go. Now, let the building begin!

About the Author

Fay Rhodes is co-author of The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Idea Book (No Starch), a 2007 member of LEGO's MINDSTORMS Community Partners (MCP), and the only female contributor to the NXT Step Blog.


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