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BOEINGLogov01 01 300TechBrick FRC is partially funded through a generous grant from BOEING.

TechBrick, formed in early 2003, is an independent robotics and STEM education club for home-schooled, public, and private school students in Harford, Baltimore, and Cecil counties. We have more than 100 active registrations with weekly meetings of children and parents (who are encouraged to stay and participate). Our teams have participated in numerous championships both regionally and at Worlds.

Why this program is critical to your child’s future: The club runs under a program called FIRST, founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen (of Segway Scooter fame) and Woodie Flowers from MIT. Their goal was to create a program in which young students, with a strong interest in technology and engineering, could get the same type of encouragement that students get in organized sports. It is these types of programs that will provide our future engineers.

There are no prerequisites. We are looking for students, ages 5 through HS Seniors, eager to learn engineering at all levels, willing to focus on a very complex task, and engage in building a world-class robot and team. Our facility now features 3D printers, computer aided design machines, and range of related tools and technology. No previous skills or training are required.

DoDSTEM logo RevisedTechBrick FLL, FTC, and FRC are partially funded through a generous grant from NDEP.

The FIRST program and competitions provide one of the best platforms for young people to get excited about the challenges and rewards of engineering: They are pushed to the limit on every level: project management, design, research, testing, strategic- planning, and more. We expect to look back four or five years from now and see many of our early participants in the workplace providing the innovative solutions we need to maintain our competitive edge.

We meet weekly in Abderdeen MD on the Aberdeen Proving Ground.


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We Offer These Programs

FRC: Large, complex robots weighing up to 120 pounds that compete on basketball size court, six at a time. A sophisticated materials-handling challenge that requires teams to corral, manipulate, score in cooperation with other teams. FRC teams use advanced robotics and building techniques to design and construct large, complex robots using a wide array of industrial tools and resource. FRC includes a substantial outreach and communications effort that includes publications, speaking, and photography/video. 
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FTC: Smaller robots, 18” cube at start that compete on a12x12 foot field, with two alliances of two robots. A sophisticated materials-handling challenge that requires teams to corral, manipulate, score in cooperation with other teams. FTC Teams use a new TETRIX robotics system and advanced robotics and building techniques to design and construct smaller, complex robots using a wide array of industrial tools and resource. 
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FLL: Uses annual themes to engage young students in applied research with LEGO robotics. 
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FLLJr: Uses the annual theme for project-based work.  
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SeaPerch: SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in an in-school or out-of-school setting.  
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This Year's Resource Page

Resources for the 2019-20 Challenge: City Shaper

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Previous Resource Pages (12 years and counting!)

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Resource for the 2006-2007 Challenge: NanoQuest


TechBrick Education
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD USA

Managed by Northern Chesapeake STEM, Inc.

Contact Marco Ciavolino

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