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II. WHO May Use These Trademarks and Copyrighted Materials
1. Currently registered FIRST teams and FIRST participants may use the FIRST and the Joint FIRST and LEGO Trademarks (word marks and logos), and the LEGO word marks, in a way that relates to their FIRST team names and activities (e.g. the “FRC® Wonderbots” or the “FLL® Rocket Kids.” They do not have to obtain advance permission, use Disclaimers, or provide advance notice to FIRST.
2. Registered FIRST teams or FIRST participants (i.e., non-profit entities) may use the FIRST and the Joint FIRST and LEGO Trademarks (word marks, not the logos) and the LEGO word marks, and Copyrighted Material to conduct activities related to a FIRST program (e.g., an FRC team teaching skills to an FLL or Jr.FLL team) as long as they use the revenue to underwrite their cost of participation in FIRST programs and use the Disclaimers. They do not have to obtain advance permission or provide advance notice to FIRST, but as noted, they are not permitted to use the logos.

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